Further Advice On Selecting Important Criteria For Bags

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Students in art class ASCL complains a new funding formula for schools has reduced the basic level of school funding going forwards by too much. The meeting comes two days after requests for more money to spend on daily school costs were ignored by the chancellor in the Budget. Philip Hammond however did pledge 500m for school buildings, mainly new free schools - some of which could be grammar schools. One respondent กระเป๋าแบรนด์ mcm said his school was moving to a "bare bones education", in which "the components that make education special and enjoyable are being eroded away". 'Creaking schools' Some 95% of the 1,054 heads, deputies and senior teachers responding to the survey said they had cut back on support services - including equipment and materials, as well as mental health and special needs support. More than eight out of 10 said class sizes had increased - a claim strongly refuted by the Department for Education. And more than two-thirds said they had cut back on activities like clubs and trips. Just under three-quarters of respondents with GCSE-level classes said they had cut courses and just over three-quarters of heads with A-level students said they had also reduced subjects. Foreign modern languages, music, arts and drama were among subjects removed at A-level. Another said: "Through no fault of their own, students will have restricted subject choices, in larger class sizes with less pastoral support, whilst still being expected to perform at the highest of standards - nonsense!" One head said his school may have to axe its sixth form provision for next year and another said his school was starting to "creak" with all staff working to full capacity.

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